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Throughout World War One, journalists risked their lives to bring news from the frontlines. Although America did not enter the war until April 1917, their newspapers had been full of news about the war since the summer of 1914. This is the story of the war using articles and interviews that were featured in regional newspapers from throughout the United States.


In chronological order, the book contains, for example, interviews with soldiers in the trenches, survivors of ships sunk by U-boats, German prisoners, aviators and nurses and doctors who cared for the wounded. There is official war statements, updates from Generals,and speeches by politicians plus accounts of battles from writers that were in the frontline trenches. Listen to book extracts below!



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Extract 1 - Russian women fighters.
























Extract 2 - Belgian nurse, Jean Perichon describes the trenches.
























Extract 3 - Captain of the Cushing describes a German aerial attack.

























Extract 4 - The Verdun Offensive

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