The Unknown Warriors

Winston Churchill - Sunset

In 1953, at the age of 78 Winston Churchill was at No. 10 Downing Street during his second period of being Prime Minister when he suffered a stroke. He was taken to his beloved Chartwell, his home in the Kent countryside to recover. He returned to work in October of that year and continued for another two years as PM.


He retired to become a backbench MP and won his seat again the 1959 General Election at the age of 85.


At the age of 87 Churchill was made an honorary citizen of the United States of America by President John F Kennedy following an Act of Congress.


He was 89 when he retired from Parliament in 1964.


In January 1965 he suffered a severe stroke and died on the morning of Sunday the 24th January.


HM the Queen Elizabeth II decreed that his body lie in state for three days in Westminster Palace. His funeral took place at St Pauls Cathedral and afterwards his coffin was placed on a barge and sailed up the River Thames,as it did so dock cranes on the rivers edge bowed in unison. A train took his body to Bladon, Oxfordshire and thousands lined the route. He was buried in St Martins Church  in the family plot where he rests in peace.