The Unknown Warriors

Veteran's Voices


Listen to some of the world war two veterans who contributed to the book recall their World War Two memories. Keep checking back for more interviews as they are added.


Alec Alexander - Served  aboard the HMS Sheffield from 1942 onwards. The Sheffield was a at the sinking of the Scharnhorst in the Arctic. The ship was also in the Med and off Sword beach on D-Day. LISTEN 


Bill Evans, D-Day veteran recalls the 6th June 1944. Before he was called up he worked in a factory in Coventry and was there during the blitz on the city. LISTEN


Cranwell Boy, Battle of Britain Wireless Operator recalls the Battle of Britain LISTEN


John Lockyer - Taken prisoner after fighting in the Dunkirk rearguard to protect the beaches, 5 years of imprisonment ending in the 'death march' LISTEN


BBC Radio 4 interview with three veterans from the book; George Hillman (Dunkirk & Monte Cassino), George 'Jungle' Fagence (Burma) & Alec Alexander (Arctic Convoys) LISTEN








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