The Unknown Warriors

Silent Scandal

While working on this book project I noticed that in local papers throughout the UK there was regular

stories tucked away in the pages of some disgusting crimes against our elderly.  It is a 'silent scandal' that

the generation who fought so bravely for this country are (and for many now -were) afraid to walk to

the shops in the evening or even safe in their own homes.  For a generation that never even locked their

front doors in their youth, the level of crime and violence today and the pathetic sentences really shocks

them.  Over the last twenty years many (how many?!) WW2 pensioners have been abused in the street,

 mugged, threatened, raped, murdered or burgled.

Here are just a very small number of examples from recent years. View 2010 onwards crime list HERE


WHEELCHAIR BOUND - 94 year old lady has her handbag taken by a drug addict while waiting for her friend to put the wheelchair in the back of the car. Oxford, Christmas 09 MORE HERE

BROKEN HIP - 91 year old lady attacked on the street by a 14 year old girl, left with fractured hip. Pinner, Middlesex, Oct 09 MORE HERE

MURDERED BY STRANGULATION - 85 year old lady, murdered by an intruder in her home who then set it alight to try and destroy evidence. Stockton, Sept 09 MORE HERE

BROKEN HIP - 85 year old lady attacked in own home. 4 teenagers commended by police for identifying attacker and helping victim. Blackburn, Aug 09 MORE HERE

MUGGED FROM BEHIND - 90 year old lady, mugged on the way to visit her husbands grave,left needing 6 stitches to her head and bruising. West Bromwich, Aug 09 MORE HERE

BEATEN ROUND THE HEAD - 85 year old WW2 Royal Navy veteran, attacked for his bag, only a few hours after scattering his wives ashes. Left bloodied and bruised. West Sussex, Aug 09 MORE HERE

BROKEN SHOULDER & RIBS - 90 year old man attacked and robbed in the street. Edinburgh, Jul 09 MORE HERE

GANG ATTACK - 89 year old lady attacked by a gang described as either Asian or Eastern European in a park. Dislocated shoulder, fractures in arm and hip. £30 and bus pass stolen. Bradford, Jun 09 MORE HERE

MURDERED - EVERY BONE IN FACE BROKEN - 85 year old widow attacked in a 'sustained and brutal' manner in her own home by intruder. Found dead days later. Hull, Jun 09 MORE HERE

FACE INJURIES & BROKEN LEG - 88 year old WW2 Wren and widow of a sailor who rose to the rank of Admiral, who had survived the sinking of SS Britannia punched hard in the face outside her home, left with broken leg, Sussex, Jun 09, MORE

KILLED IN HIT & RUN - 85 year old man left for dead by a Chinese illegal immigrant, who remains on the run a year later. Sheffield, MORE HERE

REPEATEDLY RAPED - 89 year old Lady repeatedly raped in her own home. An Angolan has been charged, Leeds, Mar 09, MORE HERE

SEXUALLY ASSAULTED - 83 year old female WWII veteran raped in her home by a workman who spiked her drink with drugs. Blackpool, Jan 09, MORE HERE

BLACK AND BLUE - 89 year old Arctic Convoy veteran viciously beaten in a home raid. Hospitalised with his 87 yr old ex ATS wife, with facial injuries and severe bruising. West Yorks, Nov 08, MORE HERE

POPPY WEARING PENSIONER - More an example of their spirit. Ex ww2 RAF (84) On Richmond High Street took on two hammer wielding balaclava robbers who were smashing the windows of a Jewellers in broad daylight. A crowd of 50 people did nothing as he grappled with them and removed a balaclava before they fled. MORE HERE & HERE

TRODDEN ON - 87 year old lady, punched in jaw, kicked in head, threatened to be killed, London, Oct 08, MORE HERE

GUNMEN RAID - 85 year old dies 48 hours after being threatened by shotgun in his own home, Thames Valley, Oct 08, MORE HERE

SEX ASSAULTS - 95 year old man and 96 year old lady latest victims of multiple attacker, believed to have carried out more than 100 crimes on the elderly  over 16 years. S.E London/Kent, Oct 08, MORE HERE & HERE.

85 YEAR OLD - Attacked and beaten in her own home. Ayrshire, 17th Oct/08 MORE HERE

ZIMMER FRAME BINGO PLAYER - 87, mugged on her way home by 6ft COWARD! Kilburn, London, Oct08 MORE HERE

YORKSHIRE LADY - 87, Mugged resulting in death, Oct 08, South Yorkshire, MORE HERE

BEATEN TO A PULP - Raider punches 92 year old ex doctor in the face repeatedly. Co. Durham, Oct 08 MORE HERE

DEAD TWO DAYS LATER, after attack in own home, needing treatment from paramedics, a man in his eighties dies of 'natural causes'. Maidenhead, Oct 08 MORE HERE

BOGUS POLICEMAN - Breaks 82 year olds hip for £16, resulting in her death later in hospital. St Helens, Oct 08 MORE HERE.

BATTERED IN HOUSE RAID - 82 year old punched and threatened, home ransacked. Dumfries & Galloway, Oct 08 MORE HERE.

BEATEN UNCONCIOUS - 86 year old man knocked out in home robbery. Torquay, Oct 08 MORE HERE

DISABLED GRANDAD - (85) found shaking in wheelchair after home raided by 3 'men', Burnley, Oct 08, MORE HERE

ATTACKED FROM BEHIND - 88 year old man pounced on, stick taken then threatened with it, but stood his ground. Leytonstone, Oct 08 MORE HERE

BLIND PENSIONER - (85) dies in hospital after money taken in 'doorstep con', Birmingham, Oct 08, MORE HERE

MACHETE ATTACK - 86 year old war veteran, masked raiders place pillow over his head, deep cuts to hands trying to defend himself. Dead 2 months later. Lancashire, Sept 08, MORE HERE

WAR VETERAN  - who served in Europe, India & Burma, bear hugged, throat and mouth grabbed, wallet stolen in Liverpool City Centre. Aug, 08 MORE HERE

RAPED - 88 year old lady sexually assaulted by home intruder, Accrington, Aug 08, MORE HERE

PUNCHED & KICKED - waiting for bus. 82 year old lady left with severe bruising, Kilmarnock, Aug 08, MORE HERE

SERIOUS HEAD INJURIES - and broken wrist. 82 year old lady attacked in street for pension. Rochdale, Aug 08, MORE HERE

KNIFE WIELDING INTRUDER - fought off by 88 yr old war veteran, who gave morse code signals on the beaches of Normandy, Derby, July 08, MORE HERE

ATTACKED & ROBBED - 94 year old man opens door and is pushed aside by 2 home raiders, Stoke, Jul 08, MORE HERE

ALZHEIMERS SUFFERER - (86) Pushed to floor and money stolen from her home, only one week after being targetted by conmen for £400, another 86 and one 90 also victims. Burnley, Jun 04, MORE HERE

FOUND IN POOL OF BLOOD - 89 year old ex Green Howard WW2 officer found by carer in home with severe injuries after home raid. Put on life support machine in intensive care, died 26 days later. Newcastle, May 08, MORE HERE

BURIED IN WOODLAND - 87 year old lady, 5ft5in, walked with zimmer reported missing and found later in woods after being murdered. Perthshire, May 08, MORE HERE

STABBED TO DEATH - 81 year old lady murdered at home by woman intruder, Surrey, May 08, MORE HERE

BEGGED HIM TO STOP - 92 year old lady pushed to ground injuring arm. Thief tried to take wedding ring from her and ransacked her home, Oldham, May 08, MORE HERE

COMMANDO - 85, served  on Artic Convoys, Burma and Africa attacked in home, Burma Star cap badge and £700 stolen. Bristol, Mar 08, MORE HERE

TREATED BY PARAMEDICS - 89 year old lady pinned down in a raid on her home by two 'men', Nuneaton, Mar 08, MORE HERE

92 YEAR OLD - lady assaulted by 2 'men' in raid on her home. Hampshire, Dec 07, MORE HERE

STRUCK IN FACE - 82 yr old lady attacked in her home for bank PIN number, died a day later. Prestatyn, Nov 07, MORE HERE

BLINDED ON TRAM - 96 year old war veteran, attacked on bus and left blind in one eye, Croydon, Oct 07, MORE HERE

PUSHED INTO CANAL - 83yr old ex signaller Royal Navy, while fishing by 3 youths. Broke both legs and may not walk again, Merseyside, Sept 07, MORE HERE

HELD AT KNIFEPOINT - 83 year old lady awoke to find intruder by her bed. Punched in the head, manhandled and left with severe bruising. Wedding ring from her late husband taken, Newham, London, Jul 07, MORE HERE

DOUBLE ATTACK - By Balaclava wearing thief within a week one on a 91yr old the other on a 93 yr old, both left bruised and in shock. ESSEX, Jul 07, MORE HERE

FOUND IN SUITCASE - in farmfield. Burnt body of 94 yr old lady who had fled Germany in 1939. Murdered by cleaner for money. Strangled and beaten. London, Jul 07, MORE HERE

RELENTLESS HARRASSMENT - Breeze blocks through window, Nazi Swatstikas sprayed on the house of 85 yr old D-Day sailor, Sheffield, June 07, MORE HERE

FOUND IN CUPBOARD  - Pensioner attacked with 22in meat skewer and later dies of his wounds, Birmingham, June 07, MORE HERE

WHEELCHAIR BOUND - 83 year old lady with eye cataracts smashed in the face with a  chair on a day out, Southport, May 07, MORE HERE

D-DAY HERO - 89,  ex Royal Engineer sapper, attacked at home while caring for his wife who has Alzheimers, Head injuries and severe bruising, Notts, Feb 07, MORE HERE

100 YEAR OLD - WW2 veteran fights off 3 cowardly muggers, cuts to head and bruised ribs, London, Feb 07 MORE HERE

PARTIALLY DEAF WAR VETERAN - 92, Hit with vase from behind in home attack, then with his own walking stick, Oldham, Dec 06, MORE HERE

DOUBLE RAID - War veteran (87) dies shortly after two attacks in the space of a fortnight. Lincolnshire, Dec 06, MORE HERE

HOME GUARD - veteran (83) threatened that he would be shot in an attack on his home, County Armargh, Nov 06, MORE HERE

GLASSES REMOVED - made to sit on toilet, man in late eighties has house ransacked by two 'men'. Oxford, Apr 06, MORE HERE

BLOOD ALL OVER THE PAVEMENT - 82 year old lady attacked in broad daylight from behind. Thrown on floor. Glasses smashed & severe cut to the eye. Bradford, Apr 06,


KICKED TO THE GROUND - Ex-Marine (84), survivor of D-Day Landings mugged of his blazer, medal, cigars and loose change. Bristol, Mar 06, MORE HERE

DESERT RAT - 95, murder enquiry after being pinned down by gang in his own home, resulting in death. Norfolk, Jan 06, MORE HERE & HERE

PARTIALLY SIGHTED - hard of hearing 85 yr old man mugged for £8, dislocated shoulder and cuts. Died in hospital 3 weeks later, London, Dec 05, MORE HERE

SAVAGE MURDER - 90 year old lady attacked in a home raid and died of head injuries later in hospital, Wrexham, Sept 05, MORE HERE

STABBED 14 TIMES - 84 yr old lady knifed to death in her own home. London, Mar 05, MORE HERE

KNEED IN THE BACK - grabbed around the throat, 93 year old lady attacked at cashpoint machine, Dorset, Jan 05, MORE HERE

CHRISTMAS EVE MURDER - 93 year old lady repeatedly stabbed in her hallway by attacker who then stole £70. Glasgow, Dec 04, MORE HERE

COVERED IN BLOOD - 82 yr old lady punched and kicked in the face in her home and died 10 days later, London, Oct 04, MORE HERE

DIED OF INJURIES - 89 year old lady dies of injuries 11 days later in hospital after being savagely beaten in her own home by intruder, Birmingham, Oct 04, MORE HERE

SERIOUS SEXUAL ASSAULT - on 81 year old lady with senile dementia, Reading, Jun 04, MORE HERE

DEATH FROM INJURIES - 82 year old lady attacked in the street, left with fractured leg and shoulder, died later in hospital. London, Apr 04, MORE HERE

INDECENT ASSAULT - On 81 yr old lady in her own home and 87 yr old husband attacked, Dorset, Apr 04, MORE HERE

LOCKED IN - 80 yr old lady assaulted and left with severe bruising and swelling, then locked in her home by the intruder. Bolton, Jan 04, MORE HERE

SHOT DEAD - 83 year old WWII Army colonel shot dead on his doorstep, found dead followig morning by his carer. Hertfordshire, Jan 04 MORE HERE

MERCHANT NAVY - veteran (81) with two walking sticks repels home attacker, treated for shock by Paramedics, Oxfordshire, Dec 03, MORE HERE

POPPY SELLER -  Normandy veteran attacked with hammer while out selling poppies, suffering wounds to his head and arms. Aylesbury, Nov 03, MORE HERE

DEAD ON ARRIVAL - 85 year old man stabbed by two burgulars in his bedroom. Died in the ambulance taking him to hospital, Devon, Aug 03, MORE HERE

90 YEAR OLD - collapses with trauma and dies after confronting a conman who came into her home and took money, Essex, Jul 03, MORE HERE

STABBED TO DEATH - 78 year old man body found murdered with knife wounds, Lancashire, Jul 03 MORE HERE

84 YEAR OLD - Sexually assaulted in broad daylight, while walking down a street, Crewe, Jul 03, MORE HERE

KILLED BY SMOTHERING - Intruders switched off electricity then the 91 year old lady was tied up and beaten with a duster forced in mouth and pillowcase over her head. Found by carers dead lying on her bed. Ayrshire, Jul03, MORE HERE

MURDERED - 82 year old lady punched in face and kicked by two 'men' who preyed on elderly victims. Fought back with stick. Died a few days later in hospital, Mar 03, London, MORE HERE

KILLED - 83 yr old Grandma mugged in street by two robbers (who carried out another 16 attacks in one month) and died in hospital of head injuries. London, Feb 03, MORE HERE 

REIGN OF TERROR - WW2 war veteran with lung cancer- slit throat and stabbed in chest, died later in hospital. 10 other attacks on elderly for pension including an 85 year old man pushed to floor, lady (85) broken hip and dislocated shoulder and lady (82) stabbed in the hand. London, Dec02-Feb03, MORE HERE

BEATEN TO DEATH - 92 year old lady found with multiple rib fractures, blows to the face, head and neck, a ruptured liver and a broken larynx, London, Jan 03, MORE HERE

KILLED FOR £13 - 85 year old devout Christian and ex midwife died of head injuries after mugging. London, Dec 02, MORE HERE & HERE

RAPED & MURDERED - 4ft11in 87 year lady killed by intruder that had already attacked her once before in her home a year earlier, Mansfield, Sept 02, MORE HERE

KEPT ON DOG LEASH - 84 year old lady found in care home tied to chair by a dog leash. Grimsby, Oct 2002, MORE HERE

HEART REMOVED - blood drank and body sexually assaulted, 90 year old lady horrifically murdered by intruder in her own home, North Wales, Aug 02, MORE HERE

HIT & RUN - (82) WW2 veteran, aide of General Eisenhower run over and left to die, London, May 2002, MORE HERE

GREAT GRANDMOTHER - Left with dislocated shoulder, three dislocated fingers, a broken wrist, a cracked bone in her right arm and  four stitches to a head wound after street gang attack. A dozen other cases including 86 yr old lady who suffered a dislocated shoulder, Salford, May 02, MORE HERE

DIED PROTECTING WIFE - Wheelchair bound 84 year old man died protecting wife,(83) from home attackers, beat around head and collapsed. Wolverhampton, May 02, MORE HERE

DOUBLE MURDER - 88 year old lady strangled and stabbed in the neck on her farm. A friend, 82 year old man stabbed and slashed 18 times in the farmhouse. Llangollen, May 02, MORE HERE

KILLED FOR £2 FISH SUPPER - Partially sighted OAP attacked by 2 muggers, died later in hospital from her injuries- broken ribs, broken arm etc. Newcastle, Apr 02, MORE HERE

MURDERED - 77 year old lady murdered by home intruder. She had been burgled 3 times before this one that resulted in her death. Despite acute arthritis she had attempted to resist the attacker. Argyll & Bute, Mar 02, MORE HERE & HERE

MURDER BY STRANGLING - 80 year old lady strangled to death by home intruder, South Yorkshire, Jan 02 MORE HERE

FRAIL 88 YR OLD - Mugged for her shopping bag. Broken cheekbone, arm, fractured nose and broken ribs - died 3 days later in hospital, London, Jan 02, MORE HERE

KILLED WITH CARVING KNIFE - Pensioner killed in her home by intruder. Stabbed at least 5 times to the stomach and chest, Suffolk,  Dec 01, MORE HERE & HERE

DEATH FROM INJURIES - 87 year old lady attacked and mugged on the street yards from her home. Left with broken wrist and hip and facial injuries. Spent 4 months in hospital and died there. Warrington, Nov 01, MORE HERE

D-DAY VETERAN BEATEN - Facial Injuries and fractured cheekbone,Oldham, May 01, MORE HERE

TAUNTED TO DEATH - REME War veteran after months of harrasment from local yobs brandishes an air pistol. Arrested. Hung himself on day of his court appearance.  Aldershot, May 01, MORE HERE

HOME INTRUDER - stabs pensioner to death in her sheltered housing flat. Poole, Jul 00, MORE HERE

KICKED TO DEATH - 87 year old lady in her home by 2 young female attackers from the same block of flats. London, Feb 00, MORE HERE

BRUTAL RAPE - 91 year old lady raped in her home and died weeks later. Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland 99 MORE HERE

ASPHYIXIATED - 88 year old lady bound with her own shoelaces and smothered to death with cushions by 2 home intruders, Bognor Regis, Dec 98, MORE HERE

PUSHED TO THE FLOOR - 8th Army WW2 veteran attacked in his home for his wallet, Lancashire, Nov 97, MORE HERE

STRANGLED & BEATEN TO DEATH - 84 year old man murdered during an attack on his home, invaders stole his licensed guns that he used to hunt with. Ramsgate, Nov 96 MORE HERE

MULTIPLE RAPE VICTIMS - A report asking why do young men rape old women? The article mentions various rapes of WW1 and WWII generation pensioners. Two were put in overturned cupboards after being raped by intruders.One was a church warden walking home after Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. An 88 year old was raped 3 times in a 4 hour attack by 2 men who bit her and left her with a fractured skull & two broken ribs. One rape victim was 100 year old and a war widow who had not been with a man since her young husband was killed during World War One. UK wide, Jan 94 MORE HERE

MURDERED AT HOME - Severe blow to the head with a blunt instrument, OAP lady burgled at home. Died in hospital 10 days later. Suffolk, Feb 93, MORE HERE

MURDERED - 92 year old lady brutally killed in her home after intruders fractured her skull. Money & ring stolen. as of 2014 murderer not caught. Bradford, Jan 90. MORE HERE