The Unknown Warriors

Silent Scandal

While working on this book project I noticed that in local papers throughout the UK there was regular

stories tucked away in the pages of some disgusting crimes against our elderly.  It is a 'silent scandal

that the generation who fought so bravely for this country are (and for many now -were) afraid to walk

to the shops in the evening or even safe in their own homes.  For a generation that never even locked

their front doors in their youth, the level of crime and violence today and the pathetic sentences really

shocks them.


Over the last twenty years many (how many?!) WW2 pensioners have been abused in the street, mugged, threatened, raped, murdered or burgled.

This list is for 2010, 2011 & 2012, 2013, 2014  & 2015 - 2018 to see a shocking list of crimes from previous years CLICK HERE. These are just what I have came across and is by no means a comprehensive list.


MURDERED - 98 year old WWII veteran who was a colonel in the Royal Corps of Signals attacked in his home by intruders. Died after being hospitalised in a critical condition with 2 bleeds on the brain. Enfield, London, Nov 18 MORE HERE

KNOCKED DOWN IN STREET - 94 year old robbed of handbag in the street by two drug addicts. Left bruised, with cuts and abrasions and pain to her shoulder. Wrexham, Nov 18 MORE HERE

BADLY INJURED - 93 year old lady attacked by two men at a bus stop. Hospitalised with injuries, Oldham, Lancs, Aug 18 MORE HERE

BROKEN NECK DEATH - 100 year old lady violently mugged in the street and left with a broken neck, died just a few days later on the 74th anniversary of D-Day. Normanton, Derbyshire, May 18 MORE HERE

D-DAY VETERAN - 96 year old attacked with a claw hammer during a burglary. Serious injuries. Taunton, Nov 17 MORE HERE

SERIOUS ARM INJURY - 92 year old man attacked in his home by a violent con man. Preston, Feb 17 MORE HERE

ROYAL MARINE ATTACKED - 93 year old war veteran taken to hospital with cut hands after being mugged in a supermarket toilet. Thanet, Kent. Nov 16 MORE HERE

PUSHED OFF BIKE - 92 year old lady left with fractured cheek and elbow. £6  stolen. Hersham, Surrey,  Jul 16 MORE HERE

LIFE THREATENING BRAIN INJURY - 94 year old man attacked in his home in the middle of the night by two intruders. Hospitalised, critical after being hit in the face. Sale, Manchester, May 16 MORE HERE

PUSHED OFF MOBILITY SCOOTER - 93 year old Dunkirk & Burma veteran pushed off his mobility scooter and onto the ground during mugging. Dorset, Nov 15 MORE HERE

FACIAL INJURIES - 90 year old lady attacked in the street by mugger. Face injuries after being flung onto the ground. Hospitalised. Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Oct 15 MORE HERE

CAR JACKED - 91 year old man dragged out his car, left bleeding in the road. Arm injuries. Shotton Colliery, Co. Durham, Jul 15 MORE HERE 

PUNCHED IN FACE - 91 year old lady attacked and mugged in street by female in her twenties. Bolton, Jul 15 MORE HERE

SIXTH ROBBERY - 98 year old lady physically assaulted on her doorstep and robbed for the 6th time in six years. Middlesborough, Jun 15 MORE HERE

ASSAULTED - 93 year old lady assaulted by home intruder in the middle of the night. Saltcoats, Jun 15 MORE HERE

MULTIPLE RAPE - 88 year old lady raped 3 times by home intruder. Collapsed with severe pain, heavy bruising, mental trauma. Hospitalised. Bromley, June 15 MORE

MUGGED - 94 year old lady pulled to the ground during mugging. Heckmondwicke, W. Yorks, Jun 15 MORE HERE

BEATEN BLACK & BLUE - 90 year old lady with dementia attacked by 'carer'. Ipswich, Suffolk, May 15 MORE HERE

INJURED ARMS - 95 year old floored during mugging, Wythenshawe, Gtr Manchester Apr 15 MORE HERE

NASTY INJURIES - 91 year old WWII veteran attacked by two men on his driveway and pushed to the ground. Nasty injuries. Skelmersdale, Lancs Mar 15, MORE HERE

KNIFE TO THROAT - 95 year old disabled man has knife put to his throat then pushed to the floor during home invasion. Glengormley, Co. Antrim N. Ireland, Feb 15 MORE HERE

HEAD WOUND - 95 year old lady days before her 96th birthday dragged from her bed during the night and repeatedly punched by intruder. Hospitalised. Telford, Shropshire, Feb 15, MORE HERE

CHRISTMAS ATTACK - 90 year old man and his wife in her eighties attacked at  home by intruder. Both taken to hospital with severe injuries. Man with wounds to the throat and his wife head injuries. Scunthorpe, Dec 14


LEFT FOR DEAD -  89 year old man using a zimmer frame attacked outside his home. Broken nose and severe facial bleeding and bruising. West Yorkshire, Nov 14 MORE HERE

TIED UP & BLINDFOLDED - 90 year old suffers aggravated burgulary. Tied up and blindfolded, threatened , engagement ring ripped from finger. Hambleden, Hampshire, Oct 14. MORE HERE

STROKE DEATH - 90 year old lady who suffered stroke during burgulary dies in hospital. Swansea, Oct 14 MORE HERE

BRUISED BODY - 91 year old lady hospitalised after being dragged to the ground during mugging, Manchester Oct 14, MORE HERE

MUGGING - 93 year old lady pushed to the ground by man who stole contents of her shopping trolley, Lambeth, London, Oct 14 MORE HERE

SEXUAL ASSAULT - 90 year old lady with severe dementia sexually assaulted in her room by young male intruder, Buckinghamshire, Sept 14, MORE HERE

RAPED - 90 year old lady raped in her home by intruder. Lanarkshire, Scotland. Jul 14 MORE HERE

RAPED & BEATEN - A 90 year old lady out for a morning walk was attacked and raped. Rochdale, Jun 14 MORE HERE

PUNCHED IN FACE - 91 year old lady attacked by two men in her home. Taken to hospital for treatment for bruises. Oldbury, West Midlands, May 14 MORE HERE

HEAD WOUND - 90 year old lady attacked in her home by intruders. Hospitalised. Lakenheath, Suffolk, Mar 14 MORE HERE

HEAD INJURY - 89 year old lady who worked as an engineering tracer during the war attacked by a gang of thieves in her home. “I’m determined to carry on and live my life – I’ve lived through the dark days of the Second World War." Suffolk, Feb 14 MORE HERE

ARM INJURIES - 92 year old lady left with severe arm bruises after attack in her home by intruders. Rotherham,


TWO BLACK EYES - 89 year old lady attacked in her home by intruder with a crowbar. Severe facial bruising, spine fracture, bleeding on brain. Kent, Oct 13 MORE HERE & HERE

BEATEN TO DEATH - 90 year old lady brutally attacked by a drunken man visiting her neighbours. Died of injuries, including 11 broken ribs, in hospital, Kirkcaldy, Fife. Oct 13, MORE HERE

BOUND & GAGGED - 91 year old blind lady assaulted then tied up and gagged during home invasion. Oldbury, West Midlands, Oct 13, MORE HERE

BROKEN PELVIS - 95 year old attacked by 3 burglars. Black eye, cut head and broken pelvis. Wickford, Essex, Aug 13 MORE HERE

DEATH FOLLOWING ATTACK - 87 year old WWII Royal Navy Medical Corp veteran repeatedly punched in the face by an intruder in his bedroom, resulting in a bleed on the brain and stroke. To the emergency operator "Help me please. He’s hit me and beaten me and attacked me and taken my wallet." Bolton, Aug 13 MORE HERE & HERE

MURDER BY ARSON - 92 year old Polish WWII veteran killed in an arson attack on his apartment after complaining about noise and being scared by some people in the block. Guildford, Jul 13 MORE HERE

MURDER BY STRANGLING & STABBING - 88 year old lady murdered in her sheltered housing room by an intruder. Tower Hamlets. May 13 MORE HERE

BRICK THROUGH WINDOW - 91 year old man left with cuts and bruising to face after a thief threw a brick through the back door window and entered hitting the pensioner in the face and demanding money. Greater Manchester,


SEVERELY INJURED - 90 year old church organist attacked in town centre by a drug addict. Head injuries, broken shoulder, injured arm. Had to move into a care home and will unlikely to play the organ again. Llanneli, South Wales ,Jan 13, MORE HERE

ATTACKED IN BED - 98 year old lady who had already been burgled twice and slept with her handbag under her pillow was attacked by intruders, who threw her on the floor, ripped her wedding ring from her finger and left her with a gash to her arm that required hospital treatment. SE London, Jan 13 MORE HERE

HEAD INJURIES - Lady in her 80's attacked in her home by two Asian men who had came to the door with 2 children saying their pet rabbit had gone in her back garden. Pulled around the floor and left with head and body injuries. Hospitalised. Pinner, Middlesex, Jan 13 MORE HERE

DEATH FROM SHOCK - 85 year old WWII Burma veteran collapse with a heart attack and dies after returning home after visiting relatives over Christmas to find his house completely ransacked by burgulars and his war medals and wifes 60th wedding anniversary ring stolen. Jan 13, MORE HERE

CONSTANT HARASSMENT - 84 year RAF WAAF veteran endures campaign of intimidation by Asians. TV arial cut 4 times, chimney damaged, black paint poured on drive, greenhouse damaged, house windows smashed. Constantly being asked to sell her home to them at a low price. Rotherham, Jan 13 MORE HERE

MURDERED THEN BURNT - 86 year old widowed after 60 years of marriage fatally attacked with large knife in her home by intruder. Body had been set alight to destroy evidence and found later. Cambridgeshire, Jan 13 MORE HERE

COLLAPSE - 91 year old lady pushed over in house and hit her head. Stumbled to the front door and collapsed. Rushed to hospital. Tottenham, London Nov 12 MORE HERE

DEATH AFTER HARASSMENT - 84 year old lady collapses and dies after youths smashed a front door glass panel. Bradford, Nov 12


BROKEN HIP - 85 year old retired nurse with zimmer frame mugged in her communal hallway. Wokingham, Nov 12 MORE HERE

KILLED THEN HOUSE SET ON FIRE - 88 year old man found dead in the charred ruins of his home. believed to have been killed before his house was set on fire. Two arrested for murder, theft and arson. Blackburn, Nov 12 MORE HERE

MURDER IN ALLEYWAY - 85 year old lady attacked by two men for handbag, died that night in hospital from injuries. West London, Nov 12 MORE HERE

BLOOD CLOT ON BRAIN - 91 year old WWII ex Army nurse attacked in street for £20 in purse. Hit head on pavement and required brain surgery to remove clot. Severe bruising and broken right arm. Highgate, London, Aug 12 MORE HERE

MURDERED - 85 year old lady bludgeoned to death in her own home by two intruders. Southampton, Aug 12 MORE HERE

COLLAPSED & DIED - 90 year old lady conned by 3 men posing as water board workers who then got into her home for 30 minutes collapsed when the police arrived and died the following morning. Wolverhampton Aug 12 MORE HERE

MUGGED - 89 year old lady mugged on the street by two men. One grabbed her arms from behind whilst the other stole money from her handbag. Huddersfield Jul 12 MORE HERE

BRITAINS OLDEST PERSON - 112 year old lady that still lives independently in her own flat robbed 3 times by same man in period of weeks, once pushed up against wall in her front room, found lying on floor neighbour threatened with knife. Her fiance was killed in the WW1 trenches, and never married and in WWII her house was demolished by a doodlebug bomb. London Jul 12 MORE HERE

SLASHED HAND - An 88 year old lady fought off an intruder wielding 6 inch knife. Taken to hospital with knife wound to hand. Worksop, Notts May 12 MORE HERE

FRACTURED SKULL RESULTING IN DEATH - Wheelchair bound 94 year old lady attacked in her bed by intruders, fractured skull, broken bones, metal inserts required for arm and severed finger. Died in hospital. Birmingham, May 12 MORE HERE

BASEBALL ATTACK - 86 year old man attacked in his home by 3 intruders wielding metal bars and baseball bats. Dislocated shoulder and heavy bruising to face and body. Birmingham, Apr 12 MORE HERE

MUGGED - 89 year old RAF D-Day veteran walking with a zimmer frame attacked on the street by two men who stole his £200 pension that had to last him a month. Rainham, Essex, Apr 12 MORE HERE

MURDERED - 92 year old WWII Royal Navy veteran found murdered in his home. Willenhall, West Midlands, Apr 12 MORE HERE

BATTERED - 89 year old WWII Bevin Boy miner hospitalised after home attack by burgulars. Police said 'The level of violence used was beyond comprehension', Wigan, Mar 12 MORE HERE update - Two Lithuanians stood trial. MORE HERE

HOSPITALISED - 91 year old lady attacked in her home by intruders who pretended to be delivering flowers. Smothered with cushion, cuts and heavy bruising to arms and legs. Tameside, Mar 12 MORE HERE

MURDER - An 88 year old lady found murdered in her own home, killed by an intruder. Southport, Merseyside. Feb 12 MORE HERE

NORWEGIAN MURDER - A 98 year old lady who survived 5 years of wartime occupation did not survive modern Norway. Sexually abused then murdered in her own home by intruder on New Years day. MORE HERE

HEAD INJURIES - 90 year old lady hospitalised with large gash to forehead and black eye after 3 men invade her home. Bolton, Lancs. Nov 11 MORE HERE

BROKEN JAW - 85 year old man attacked on his way to church by a gang and left with broken jaw. Denaby, South Yorks. Nov 11 MORE HERE

DOUBLE ATTACK - 89 and 94 year old ladies have their homes forcibly entered by burgulars, the 94 year old was held down in her bed for 20 minutes, as another burgular ransacked the house. The 89 year old was left with injuries to her arm, after 3 men entered her home. Northern Ireland, Oct 11 MORE HERE

BADLY BEATEN - 85 year old lady attacked in her home by intruders, taken to hospital for cuts and bruising, Belfast, Sept 11 MORE HERE

BROKEN JAW - 87 year old lady attacked in street by 3 muggers. Dragged along the ground, jaw broken, shattered arm and facial injuries, Bradford, Aug 11 MORE HERE

BROKEN ARM - 87 year old lady thrown to the ground and mugged on her way to church, Glasgow, Aug 11 MORE HERE

100 YEAR OLD MUGGED - 5 Eastern Europeans dragged a 100 year old ladyfrom her wheelchair and shoved her into a shop toilet to steal her pension, Romford, Essex, Aug 11 MORE HERE

SECATEURS ON THROAT - Partially sighted 89 year old man awoken in bed with man pressing secateur blade pressed up against his throat. Wallet stolen, panic alarm and phone disconnected. Bletchley, Milton Keynes, JUL 11 MORE HERE

MUGGING MURDER - 89 year old lady who served in the WAAF during the war attacked for shopping bag on the street and left with serious head injuries resulting in death. Cleckheaton, West Yorks, June 11 MORE HERE & HERE

ARSON - Care home full of elderly residents set ablaze in the middle of the night in arson attack. Residents treated for shock and smoke inhalation. Leeds, June 11 MORE HERE

SUFFOCATED TO DEATH - 92 year old British WW2 veteran who was a Desert Rat Medic murdered. Found dead with blanket tied round his face at his home. Johannesburg South Africa, June 11 MORE HERE

MURDERED AT HOME - 83 year old man attacked in his home by intruders, found dead. Worcestershire, June 11 MORE HERE

BEATEN TO DEATH - 94 year old blind lady murdered by two home intruders, Birmingham, May 11 MORE HERE

JUMPED FROM BEHIND - 94 year old man using walking frame, attacked from behind, thrown to floor and mugged. Bournemouth, May 11 MORE HERE

MANSLAUGHTER - 87 year old WWII Royal Marine veteran attacked in his home by 2 men. Hospitalised with bleeding on brain and broken hip. Died a few weeks later in hospital of heart attack. Oswestry, Shropshire, May 12 HERE

KILLED ON THE STREET - 88 year old WWII Royal Navy veteran thrown to floor in a daylight mugging, dies 6 days later in hospital. Walking stick taken by robber. Stirlingshire, Apr 11 MORE HERE, HERE & update HERE

BATTERED & BRUISED - 88 year old lady dies after serious care home neglect. One of 650 similar deaths in the last 5 years according to a recent report. Middlesborough, Apr 11 MORE HERE

BEATEN WITH OWN WALKING STICK - Man in his 80's beaten by 3 intruders. Bridgnorth, Shropshire, Mar 11 MORE HERE

BATTERED TO DEATH - 86 year old lady killed in her own home in a viscious attack by intruder, Bromley, Feb 11 MORE HERE

DISLOCATED SHOULDER - 85 year old mugged in the street, thrown to floor, dislocating shoulder but refused to let go of her bag., Stockton, Feb 11 MORE HERE

MURDER - 89 year old lady, found dead with head injuries at her home in Ryhll, believed to be a relative of Captain Habesch, a WWII naval veteran, Wales, Feb 11 MORE HERE

MURDER DOWN UNDER - 87 year old lady found murdered in her back garden by home intruder. Adelaide, Australia Jan 11 MORE HERE

5 HOME RAIDS - 93 year old Home Guard veteran dies shortly after the 5th burgulary by the same man in one month. Birmingham, JAN11 MORE HERE

BEATEN UP - 94 year old lady attacked by intruder in her bedroom of a care home. Drawers ransacked. Bradford, Jan 11 MORE HERE

KICKED & BEATEN - 92 year old lady viciously attacked on her doorstep for £30, hospitalised. Manchester, Jan 11 MORE HERE

DEATH ATTACK - 84 year old man returning from researching family tree was savagely attacked by a Turkish man in a park. Left with fractured skull, he later died as a result of his wounds. London, Jan 11 MORE HERE

MURDER - 91 year old man found with severe head wounds at his home by his son over Christmas. Tottenham, London, Dec 10 MORE HERE

KNIFE ON THROAT - 84 year old lady pushed to floor in her home by intruder and a 6 inch blade pushed onto her throat. Back injuries. Paisley, Dec 10, MORE HERE

OXYGEN TURNED OFF - 90 year old lady awoke gasping after burgulars had deliberately switched off her vital oxygen supply, Bedworth, Warwickshire, Nov 10, MORE HERE

MUGGED 3 TIMES - 84 year old lady who lived with her 87 year old sister dies a few days after the 3rd mugging in 2 years, Burnley, Nov 10, MORE HERE

STREET ATTACK - 101 year old man with partial sight and poor hearing challenged gang after they kicked away his walking stick. Attacked and left hospitalised with facial injuries and cuts to arms and hands. Northampton, Oct 10, MORE HERE

BRUTAL MURDER - 89 year old WW2 veteran with a 'heart of gold' killed in his own home in violent attack, Blackburn, Oct 10, MORE HERE

BURNT ALIVE - 96 year old lady dies of burns and smoke inhalation, after having her bed set deliberately on fire in a care home. Cleveleys, Lancashire, Oct 10 MORE HERE

SEX ATTACK FILMED - 91 year old lady and her elderly carer forced to perform sex acts on each other by a gang leader who filmed them, to show as a 'trophy' to other gang members. Brixton, London, Sept 10 MORE HERE

BLUDGEONED WITH HAMMER - 86 year old lady attacked by intruder high on drugs who came in from kitchen back door. Emergency surgery for 2 skull fractures and a broken eye socket. Leeds, Sept 10, MORE HERE

SEX ORDEAL - 89 year old lady sexually abused by home  intruder who stripped naked. Leeds, Sept 10 MORE HERE

FRACTURED CHEEKBONE - 83 year old lady attacked in the street for £20 Victim said 'I won’t let this beat me, no. I would rather lie down and die.' Macclesfield, Sept 10 MORE HERE

103 YEAR OLD - ex WW2 blitz air raid warden dies after 'never being the same' after he was violently attacked in his home last Oct. and thrown to the floor for £12, Croydon, Aug 10 MORE HERE

FACE SLASHED - 83 year old lady attacked by knifeman in her home.Tied up, face and arms slashed with knife, puncture wounds and arm fractured, Newham, London, Aug 10 MORE HERE

THROWN TO FLOOR - 90 year old Australian lady on a visit to the UK attacked after withdrawing money from cash machine, Dartford, Kent, Aug 10 MORE HERE

MUGGING MURDER - 90 year old WW2 Normandy veteran who was a driver for General Eisenhower mugged for £40 and his bus pass in the stairwell outside his flat. Left with broken bones etc, resulting in his death, South London, Aug 10 MORE HERE

MURDERED AT SHELTERED HOUSING - 88 year old lady found in her home, murdered with terrible injuries, Sunderland, Jul 10 MORE HERE

MUGGED IN STREET - 92 year old WW2 veteran attacked from behind outside his retirement complex, Manchester, Jul 10 MORE HERE

TWISTED PREDATOR - Convicted rapist carried out  4 night home raids, tying up and indecently assaulting victims including two aged 87 and 94. Money stolen. Callander, Scotland, Jul 10 MORE HERE

HIT & RUN - 91 year old lady recovering from cancer surgery hit by car and left with crippling injuries. Driver and passenger got out the car but then drove off without helping or phoning 999. Gravesend, June 10 MORE HERE

ALZHEIMERS SUFFERER - 84 year old man returning from shopping attacked in flats hallway and threatened with broken bottle. Bus pass stolen. Camden, London, Jun 10 MORE HERE

BROKEN NOSE - 85 year old lady attacked on the street by 32 year old man. Broken nose, gashed head and two black eyes, Netherton, West Midlands, Jun 10, MORE HERE

STABBED TO DEATH - 87 year old widowed great grandmother murdered by burgular in her 15th floor flat in tower block, Charlton, London, MAY 10 MORE HERE

THROAT SLASHED - 85 year old WW2 Burma veteran violent death by home intruder, Dorset, May 10 MORE HERE

VIOLENTLY RAPED - 89 year old lady raped in her own house by intruder. Manchester, Apr 10 MORE HERE

GOOD FRIDAY PUNCHING - 90 year old lady attacked in her home by violent gang at Easter. Oxford, Apr 10 MORE HERE

BAG GRAB - 85 year old Scots Guard WW2 veteran and his 86 year old wife were out struggling on icy pavements, when a car pulled up and violently grabbed the ladies handbag from her shoulder. Slough, Feb 10 MORE HERE

BAG SNATCH - 86 year old lady stopped to give the time and was pushed onto the floor and her bag taken. Nelson, Lancs, Feb 10 MORE HERE

KNIFED TO DEATH - 94 year old WW2 veteran of Burma, Egypt and Borneo murdered. Repeatedly stabbed with knife by an intruder in his home. TV stolen. Borehamwood, Jan 10 MORE HERE

SEX ASSAULT - 87 year old man sexually assaulted by an intruder in his home. Oldham, Lancs, Jan 10 MORE HERE

KNOCKED TO GROUND - 95 year old ex Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot, knocked to the ground by a home intruder who stole £200, in the second raid on his home in one year. Tiverton, Devon,  Jan 10 MORE HERE

NEW YEARS DAY MURDER - 88 year old lady beaten to death on her doorstep after returning from visiting family. Southend, Essex, Jan 10 MORE HERE