The Unknown Warriors



Over the last two years while compiling the book a steady stream of veterans from across the country have passed away. Some of the veterans who contributed to this book have also since died (Details on the 'In Memory' page HERE). Below are some obituaries of World War Two Veterans that have appeared in the national media obituary pages, that are not in the book. For every one of these brave men and women there are hundreds more that have not attracted the attention of the national press but have died in recent months and years, many taking their stories and experiences with them.


The Telegraph has a regularly updated military obituaries section, with details of the lives of many World War Two heroes HERE



7th April 2011 - 11th Duke of Grafton (92) Officer in the Grenadier Guards, from 1943 he was ADC to the Viceroy of India. MORE

12th December, 2010 - Lachhiman Gurung VC (92) Awarded the Victoria Cross for storming Japanese machine gun posts while serving in the Ghurka Rifles during the Burma campaign. MORE

5th December, 2010 - Bill Foxley (87) One of the most severely burnt survivors of ww2, he was one of McIndoes 'Guinea Pigs' and had extensive pioneering plastic surgery after his Wellington Bomber exploded. MORE

21st September, 2010 - Margot Cooper (92) The first female officer to land in Occupied Europe after the D-Day landings, arriving as part of an ATS group. MORE

21st February, 2010 - Bob Doe (89) DFC DSO one of 'The Few' who flew Spitfires during the Battle of Britain. An ace with at least 14 enemy shot down, he was also shot down and required 22 operations on his face. Later in the war he flew Hurricanes in Burma. MORE HERE & HERE

11th January, 2010 - Miep Gies (100) helped the Frank family survive in the attic in occupied Amsterdam. When they were taken she found Anne Frank's diaries and hid them and gave them to Annes father when he returned from the concentration camps. MORE HERE

10th January, 2010 - Air Commodore Charles Widdows DFC (100) during the Battle of Britain was in command of No.29 Squadron, which was a night fighter squadron of Blenheims. MORE HERE

Christmas Day, 2009 - Knut Haugland DSO, MM (92) Trained by SOE, a hero of the Norwegian resistance, who was part of the successful daring raid against the German heavy water plant in Telemark, which prevented them from acquiring nuclear bombs. MORE HERE

18th October, 2009 - Lt-Col Maureen Gara (93) A County Donegal girl. Distinguished military nurse, who served in Normandy during the D-Day landings.  An angel in the storm of battle. MORE HERE

25th July, 2009 - Harry Patch (111), The last surviving World War One veteran who served in the trenches and was wounded at the Battle of Passchendale. During WW2 he joined the Auxillary Fire Service, and gained the 39-45 Defence Medal. MORE HERE

18th July, 2009 - Henry Allingham (113), a World War One veteran, lived to be the World's oldest man. He was a veteran of the Battle of Jutland, and a founding member of the RAF. MORE HERE

9th July, 2009 - The 2nd Earl Haig OBE (91), was the son of the famous World War One Field Marshall, Earl Haig. He was taken prisoner and was sent to Colditz, where high profile POW's were kept. MORE HERE

8th July, 2009 - Ted Kenna VC (90), an Australian, won the Victoria Cross whilst fighting the Japanese at New Guinea in 1945. He won the award after taking out mahine gun posts, standing firing his Bren  gun from his hip. He was the last surviving Australian VC holder. MORE HERE

26th June, 2009 - Peter Lake MC (94), served as part of SOE in occupied France, helping the Resistance, under the field name 'Jean Pierre', after parachuting into the Dordogne valley. MORE HERE

Wing Commander Ken Mackenzie DFC (92) - One of the 'few'. A spitfire pilot who served with valour during the Battle of Britain. He brought down at least seven enemy aircraft, including one which he rammed into, after running out of ammo! Later on in the war he was shot down over France and taken POW, and he carried out a number of escape attempts. MORE HERE

Flight Lieutenant 'Witt' Witteridge (86) - Spitfire pilot who saw action in the Burma campaign, and was serenaded by Dame Vera Lynn on the wing of a Sptifire at a forward airstrip. MORE HERE

15th April, 2009 - Captain Terry Herrick (97) DSO Bar - Decorated Royal Navy captain who was at the Anzio and Salerno landings. In 1941 his ship HOTSPUR along with NIZAM helped rescue over 500 survivors from the sinking of HMS BARHAM, the ship had a crew of 1,311 and the rest lost their lives. Amongst those he rescued was Vice Admiral Pridham Whippel, who is mentioned in 'The Unknown Warriors' by Wren Boyce, who mentions he was at a summer fair a year later judging a competition! Captain Herrick was one of five brothers who served their country and three of them died whilst serving in the RAF on operations. MORE HERE

22nd Mar, 2009 - Lt Col Geoffrey Sherman (93) a Royal Marine who had took part in the Arctic Convoys and Italy landings was one of the first to arrive to free the POW's at Changi and was responsible for arranging the surrender of the Japanese in Singapore. MORE HERE

22nd Feb, 2009 - Squadron Leader Tom McPhee DFC (91) piloted one of the Mosquitos that flew on Operation Jericho, a daring low-level attack to breach the walls of Amiens prison to liberate members of the French Resistance who were due to be shot the next day. MORE HERE

17th Jan, 2009 - Arthur Marment MC & Bar (91) Territorial Army officer who won the Military Cross twice after leading his men with valour in action at Kohima and central Burma against the Japanese. MORE HERE

12th Jan, 2009 - Bill Stone (108) The last man to have served in the armed forces during both WW1 and WW2. Called up in 1918 in the last few months of the war , he went onto serve in the Royal Navy until 1945. On HMS Salamander, Mr Stone was chief stoker and in 1940 went back under intense attack to rescue soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk five times, and was only 50 yards from their sister ship Skipjack when it took a direct hit, killing all crew and over 200 rescued soldiers. He then he went on Arctic Convoys and was Mentioned in Dipatches at the Sicily landings of 1943.  MORE HERE & ONLINE VIDEO INTERVIEW

9th Jan, 2009 - Air Chief Marshal Sir Neil Wheeler GCB, CBE, DSO, DFC and Bar, AFC (91) Photo Reconnaissance pilot, who in the first two years of the war was part of a Spitfire unit taking images at high altitude of over 30,000ft. In 1942 he became in charge of a Beaufighter squadron in Coastal Command. MORE HERE

23rd Dec, 2008 - Lieutenant Colonel Eric Wilson VC, (96) was an officer in the British Somaliland Camel Corps. In October 1940 his Victoria Cross citation read “The enemy finally overran the post at 5pm when Captain Wilson, fighting to the last, was killed.”

But in 1941 he was found in a POW camp in Eritrea and went onto fight against Rommel and then in Burma. MORE HERE

21st Dec, 2008 - Rear Admiral Teddy Gueritz DSC, (89) Beachmaster on Sword Beach on D-Day 6th June 1944. In charge of getting 30,000 troops and hundreds of vehicles ashore on the first day. Endured 19 days on the beach under fire until receiving a serious head wound. MORE HERE

18th Dec, 2008 - Air Commodore Peter Brothers DFC & Bar DSO CBE, (91) One of the famous 'few' who flew fighter planes during the Battle of Britain. By August of 1940 he had shot down 8 German planes in the battle. Later in the war he helped give air cover to the troops on the ground in Normandy. In retirement he was the Chairman of The Battle of Britain Fighters Association. MORE HERE To watch Peter Brothers take to the skies again over 50 years later in  a Spitfire when he was in his eighties, watch this documentary, scroll to the last ten minutes to see him soaring over England and doing a victory roll. WATCH HERE

Sir Russell 'Biggles' Wood KCVO, VRD, (86) Pilot in the Fleet Air Arm that saw action flying to protect shipping on the Russian Convoys, and in the Mediterranean. Lost a brother in North Africa. Later became Deputy Treasurer to the Queen. MORE HERE

8th Dec, 2008 - Real Admiral Courtney Anderson (92) - Motor Torpedo veteran who helped evacuate the beaches of Dunkirk, as a Captain in the 10th MTB flotilla, and also was in much action in the Mediterranean. MORE HERE

14th Nov, 2008 - Les Sayer (93) Telegraphist Airgunner aboard the Swordfish torpedo bomber plane that attacked the Bismarck in the North Atlantic in 1941. MORE HERE

5th Oct, 2008 - Ted Briggs (85) The last remaining survivor of the sinking of WWII battle cruiser HMS Hood in May 1941  MORE HERE

4th Oct, 2008 - John Fancy (95)  Captured RAF Navigator who gained the ninckname 'mole' for his 16 escape attempts and tunneling skills, which inspired the film, The Great Escape. MORE HERE

3rd Oct, 2008 - Rear Admiral Michael Kyrle Pope (91) - Submariner and PoW who was a constant annoyance to his captors. MORE HERE

1st Oct, 2008 - Canon John Brown (95) Army Chaplain who stayed behind at Dunkirk to look after casualties and became a POW for three years. MORE HERE

30th Septmember, 2008 - Group Captain “Dickie” Haine, OBE, DFC (91) Blenheim fighter pilot, crash landing in France and escaping home and defender of the night skies  during the Blitz. MORE HERE.

24th Sept, 2008 - Phyllis Thom (100) Ex Far East POW nurse who tended the sick and dying in her camp. MORE HERE

21st May, 2008 - The Rev Geoffrey Mowat (90) Ex Far East POW who escaped from Changi Camp, then worked on the Burma Railway. Working as a medical orderly he was beside many POW's who died through lack of medicine. In peacetime he become an Anglian clergyman, his faith strengthened not weakened by his terrible time as a POW. MORE HERE

8th May, 2008 - Diana Barnato Walker MBE (90) Renowned delivery pilot of fighter planes to stations across the country during wartime as part of the Air Transport Auxillary. MORE HERE

23rd Feb, 2008 - Pearl Witherington, CBE (93) Special Operations Executive Officer parachuted into occupied France and fought alongside the French Resistance, MORE HERE

3rd Feb, 2008 - Sqn Ldr 'Bam' Bamberger DFC & Bar (88) One of the 'few'. A Spitfire pilot during the Battle of Britain, and later helped to defend Malta in 1941. After the war he flew helicopters for a squadron out in Aden in the 1950's. MORE HERE

9th September, 2007 - Sir Tasker Watkins VC (88) Won the Victoria Cross for two actions at the Battle of the Falaise Gap in August 1944 as part of the Welch Regiment. In peactime he become a Lord Justice of Appeal and President of the Welsh Rugby Union. MORE HERE.




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