The Unknown Warriors




The last broadcast of William Joyce, Lord Haw Haw. Despite not being a British citizen (Born in New York, USA and went to live in Ireland as a child) he was found guilty of treason and hung on the 3rd January 1946. He was given the name Lord Haw Haw because of his upper class English accent. He broadcast from Germany in support of the Nazis throughout the war, beginning his broadcasts with "Germany calling, Germany calling". His final broadcast was made during the Battle of Berlin, when the Nazi regime was days from collapsing and surrendering.


His last words before being executed were;


""In death as in life, I defy the Jews who caused this last war, and I defy the power of darkness which they represent. I warn the British people against the crushing imperialism of the Soviet Union. May Britain be great once again and the hour of the greatest danger in the West may the standard be raised from the dust, crowned with the words — you have conquered nevertheless. I am proud to die for my ideals and I am sorry for the sons of Britain who have died without knowing why."






































Last broadcast of Lord Haw Haw