The Unknown Warriors

In Memory


Sadly a number of the contributors have passed away since sending their thoughts and memories, some died before the book was complete. Others were still alive when it cam out and were able to read it.  Their words are especially poignant.




Richard Roberts, Exeter - Died within a few months of sending his letter in 2006. He was a D-day veteran who was one of the first to land on the beaches. He was 96 year old.


Lea Ashton, Glasgow - RAF Bomber Command veteran who had a long career with the BBC in peacetime. Died aged 87 on Jan 18th 2008.


Len Reynolds, Essex - A Chindit veteran who had fought in the jungles of Burma. Len passed away on January 16th 2009 aged 89, only a few weeks before the news arrived that the book was complete. His son contacted me and looks forward to having a copy as a keepsake of his very brave father.


Mrs D Wade - Volunteer Nursing Reserve at Manchester Royal Infirmary during the Blitz. Her husband was on the Ark Royal. She wrote about the country, that 'Mr Churchill must turn in his grave'. Mrs Wade passed away in 2008.


Edward 'John' Frost - Normandy veteran who was in the 11th Armoured Division. Died in Oct 2008, aged 88 years. John collected rare newspapers during his time in wartime Europe, a hobby which he had started as a child. In peacetime he built up a newspaper archive business that enabled him to mix business with pleasure.


John George - A Desert Rat, who went from Tunis to El Alamein, then over to Sicily. Passed away on Good Friday 2008. He was given a military funeral by the Royal British Legion, which his daughter said "He would have loved."


Raymond Cotton - was taken prisoner at the fall of Hong Kong by the Japanese. For four years he was a prisoner of war, nearly dying of Dysentry, but with a will to survive he got through the terrible experience. He passed away aged 91 in August 2008 after battling bone cancer for a couple of years. His son David, said "He remained a soldier to the last."


C M Barlow - was in France as part of the North Irish regiment in 1940, and managed to escape not from Dunkirk but from the south west of the country. After being on anti aircraft guns during the blitz he went to India and Burma in 1942. He passed away last year (2008) aged 89. His son said he would have loved a copy.


Terry Toogood - Parachute Regiment. He read a copy shortly before he passed away in April 09 and wrote to me to say he was happy with the book. He also provided more views on the country  in this letter, which were much more 'detailed' than his original letter.


Joan Hull - Royal Navy torpedo technician. After reading a copy of the book Mrs Hull donated her copy to her local mobile library as she wrote to say 'it deserved a wider audience'. After suffering a stroke in the summer, she sadly deterioated in health and died one day after her 89th birthday.


George 'Jungle' Fagence - Died in the summer of 2010. A Burma veteran and ex Royal Navy Commando.


Alec Alexander - Passed away in December 2010 after a brave battle against cancer. Served aboard HMS Sheffield in the Russian Convoys and was off Sword beach on D-Day.


Cranwell Boy - Passed away in December 2010 over Christmas after a brave battle against cancer. During WWII he was a wireless operator mending Hurricane wirelesses throughout the Battle of Britain, then flew on Wellington bombers over India and the Med, submarine hunting.

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