The Unknown Warriors

World War 2 Fact Files


World War Two is one war but with countless different battles, individual memories, campaigns, and

technology. Here is some pages about various different well known war time figures,

ships, planes, battles etc.





Chindits - The Chindits were Jungle commandos set up by General Wingate. They played

merry hell with the Japs in Burma. COMING SOON

Dunkirk Rearguard - In May 1940 as hundreds of thousands of men from the British Expeditionary

Force (BEF) were being evacuated from the beaches, thousands of troops were ordered to fight and

protect the perimeter. The only outcome was with to be killed or taken as prisoner. MORE

Norway 1940 - Norway was invaded by the Germans in April 1940. A small group of French and

British soldiers scrambled to their aid, in an attempt to slow the invasion. MORE




The Blitz - Within a few months in the winter of 1940/1941 over 40,000 civilians were killed as a

result of bombings by the Luftwaffe. MORE




Winston Churchill - A page about his younger days MORE Some of his quotes MORE, his final days and

funeral MORE

Amy Johnson - Before the war Amy Johnson was a celebrity of her age as a result of her aviator

adventures. During the war she served in the Air Transport Auxillary and died after her

plane crashed into the river Thames. MORE

Douglas Bader - Battle of Britain Spitfire Ace that flew with no legs. MORE

Monty of El Alamein - Viscount Bernard Montgomery was the much loved leader of the Desert

Rats, who made General Rommel eat dust in North Africa. MORE

RJ Mitchell, the Spitfires designer died of cancer a couple of years before it was to play a

decisive role in the Battle of Britain. MORE

Stan Hollis VC - The one and only holder of a Victoria Cross awarded for bravery on D Day. MORE

Betty Driver - Famous for her acting role on Coronation Street, during the war she was an ENSA singer, and travelled across Europe entertaining the troops. MORE




Bomber Command - Over 55,000 young lads lost their lives flying with Bomber Command,

Their heroic raids over Occupied Europe, were a constant menace to Hitlers plans! MORE