The Unknown Warriors

Book Reviews


Here are a few comments about the book by some of the war veterans  who have read it.


"It certainly makes intriguing reading and should be read in schools teaching modern history, instead of other biased subject matter. Anyway, a good effort. Thank you."

Mr DG Hull, RAF - Middle East, Italy, Burma, Contributor to the book.


"Congratulations. It is well worth your hours of dedication. The stories are wonderful. Without them and their bravery we could not have survived."

 Spitfire Armourer, Battle of Britain, Biggin Hill - Contributor to the book.


"It's Pukka!!! Wonderful."

Alec Alexander, Sailor, HMS Sheffield - Arctic Convoys, Italy Landings, D-Day Sword Beach - Contributor to the book.


"I have read it from cover to cover and found it very interesting. I thought my sentiments were not shared by many, but I found that with hardly any exception, my opinions were their opinions. Let us hope I and many others of my age are wrong and, as Winston Churchill put it - 'Let us hope we emerge into the broad sunlit uploads.' I will recommend your book to my friends."

Cliff Elliker - Army, Contributor to the book.


"My congratulations and thanks for what you have achieved. Like many others of my age I lost in the war a number of close friends whose sacrfices have been insulted by so many of our post war politicians. It is a pity that Gordon Brown has not received a copy of your book."

Trooper Des Davidson, Home Guard, then 11th Tank Regiment - Normandy, Battle of the Sheldt, Rhine Crosssing - Contributor to the book


"I found 'The Unknown Warriors' a very enjoyable read and it certainly brought back memories of the sacrifices my generation made."

Alan Robbins, Tank Crew North Africa, POW Stalags - Contributor to the book


"Congratulations on an excellent Book. I find it very interesting."

George Hillman, Escaped from Dunkirk & Italian Campaign - Contributor to the book


"This book has given us all a lot to think about and ought to be compulsory reading for ALL politicians and youngsters in school."

T W Earl, Liberation of Belgium & Holland - Contributor to the book


"Each story tells of courage & others endurance under such adverse conditions, with little thought for self preservation and it all makes for fascinating reading. The sacrfices made by so many who never returned and for what!" Nobby Hines, Desert Rat Tank Regiment, North Africa & Italy - Contributor to the book.


"Your book needed to be compiled. I hope it will be read by a wider audience. I will give it to my mobile library."

Joan Hull, Wren - Torpedo technician - Contributor to the book


"I'll treasure it."

Ernie Reynolds, Rear Gunner - 'Tail End Charlie' Lancaster Bomber Crew, Occupied Europe - Contributor to the book


"Well done. I am sure most of the boys and girls feel a feeling of gratitude to you, as I do Nick for your hard work and understanding to take on such a task. God bless you my friend."

Bill Evans, D-Day Gold Beach veterans - Contributor to the book





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