The Unknown Warriors







British & Commonwealth Aircrew lost their lives in the Second World War.


Average age 22. A lot of the rear gunners were just 18 years old.


The following youtube clip is a GENUINE audio recording of bomber aircrew on missions over Europe during World War Two.


























For every 100 aircrew of RAF Bomber Command;


24 Survived unharmed

12 Taken prisoner of war

1 Evaded capture

3 Seriously injured

9 Killed in crashes in the UK

51 Killed on operations


23 Victoria Crosses were awarded to Bomber Command aircrew for bravery. eg.


Sergeant N.C Jackson - Although wounded by a fighter attack, in an astonishing act of bravery, he crawled out onto the wing of his burning Lancaster to try and extinguish the flames, before being swept into the night.

Flight Sergeant G Thompson - In a completely selfless act, he rescued two wounded comrades from their gun turrets through flames so intense he later died from his burns.


Despite the bomber offensive being the only constant attack on Nazi Germany by the British armed forces, that lasted five years, and despite their terrible losses, successive UK governments have denied the men of Bomber Command a campaign medal.


"The members of Bomber Command have had a very raw deal since the war. They have been accused by historians and writers of being murderers, destroying German culture. The critics don't think that 55,888 men gave their lives for this country." Douglas Hudson, Lancaster Navigator aged 90 in 2006, before the unveiling of a memorial to lost comrades in Lincoln Cathedral.


View Bomber Command website and Memorial Fund video here


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