The Unknown Warriors

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Thanks for visiting the website.  Please have a good look around and hopefully you might find it interesting. As you can see, the main purpose of this site is to inform people about a book project that I started in Autumn of 2006 and also for people to order a copy!


It was one of those things, where there wasn't that much thought about doing it, it just sort of happened. What happened... well I started to hear from World War Two veterans. I had sent out an appeal for memories and also what they thought about the UK in the 21st Century. The second bit is important. There is many excellent books about the war, but very little as far as I could see about what the veterans did afterwards, how they coped in Civvy Street, and what they think about the changes over the last few decades.


As most veterans are now in the late eighties or early nineties, they of course have had long lives. The five years of war for most were their most memorable, their happiest and their saddest,  five years of their lives. So how did this impact their following six decades?


I really didn't know what to expect, would I even hear from anyone. I'll always remember going to the P.O Box to see if anything was there. There was a neat bundle of letters...


I was a bit over-awed to begin with. What am I going to do with all these! The letters were just how you would expect them to look. Some were typed using old typewriters, others in elaborate scrawl, taught by Victorian born schoolmasters, and then there was the letters all in capitals in biro. Just like how my grandpa used to write with one of his little red pens from Ladbrokes the bookies!


As well as plenty of opinions about the UK now, the book also has some wonderful wartime tales. For example, how one P.O.W ate soap and frothed at the mouth to pretend he was going mad, to get out of working in the mine for the Germans, or the East End Bobby so incensed with the Blitz on London he joined RAF Bomber Command and won a DFC for his efforts, or the story of a sailor involved in a mutiny on the high seas! Some stories will make you laugh out loud and others I think for some might require a tissue to wipe away the tears.


I continued to receive letters now and again for the following two years. One of the letters, stated that he would like to read a book about the war without stupid biased conclusions. I had read Captain Cooks diaries and although over 200 years old, they took you right back and it was like he was talking to you. That made my mind up. I decided I would set out the book in a letter format, which I hope makes the book a very easy and enjoyable read that can be picked up years from now and the heroic veterans will still have their voice heard.



nick s b