The Unknown Warriors

"I am pleased to have a

chance to speak on behalf

of my friends still in

Normandy after clashing

with the 12th S.S Hitler Youth Panzer Division"

"Then there was a huge explosion and the next thing I knew was that I was back on shore again, probably Dunkirk harbour."

"A screaming wind was blowing horizontally across the sea with such violence that I was afraid to go out on deck. I felt as if I was choking, and I stood there trying to find courage..."

"and I say to younger member's of my family, you will never, ever, know what a lovely country this was.."

"BANG! Sparks all round and all

hell let loose. Boy, I was always

quick in those days."

"I had Beri Beri Pallegra, electric feet, strawberry balls ulcers and we had a Diptheria outbreak. When I had Dysentry, it was really touch and go but I survived. Never sat in a chair, slept in a bed or saw a white woman for four years."

Over the last few years, I have been hearing from World War Two veterans, most in their late eighties or nineties. I hoped to record some of their memories, but also to find out what they think of the country today.  Such was the response that a book of over 192,000 words can now be ordered. As well as opinions there are many fascinating wartime memories. Nick Pringle More HERE. This website as well as being about the book, also has other World War Two related content.

"My fallen colleagues would be saddened to see the state of our country. Old people like myself are afraid to go out at nights and even to answer a knock on the door."


Over 180,000 WORDS, 6inx9in 530 printed pages.









"They were the people we fought for - our folk and our country.

For todays society I would not have done it."

Spifire Armourer, Biggin Hill, Battle of Britain

"If my fallen comrades could return to this country today, they would wonder who the victors were."

Desert Rat & POW of the Stalag Camps

'A lesson in realism came from John Oakley, who works with the charity Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association. His letter brought offers of help from dozens of readers, because he told the story of a very old man, once a prisoner of the Japanese, who needed £500 to double-glaze his bathroom, so that he could take a bath in warmth. The money was not there to give him.


“Telling him was very hard,” Mr Oakley wrote, “but his reaction – that life was tougher on the railway and that I was not to worry – left me weeping. Now I read of the chocolate bars, bath plugs and horse manure claimed in expenses by our MPs, and I weep again.” '

Christopher Howse, Letters Editor, Daily Telegraph

16th May 2009

FOOTNOTE! Meanwhile the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown claimed in his expenses the same amount, £500, for the paint and painting of a garden summerhouse and got it.

"Mr Churchill must

turn in his grave"

Blitz Nurse



A new World War Two book, packed with war memories and thoughts from British WW2 veterans.

Photo taken at the Cenotaph, opposite the gates of Downing Street, Remembrance Sunday 1999.


The Daily Mail ran a double page article about the book.  You can read the internet version with 194 readers comments online HERE

daily mail article small norway flag


70 years ago in April, Norway

was invaded. A brave band of Brits

sailed to help the resistance

against the blitzkreig. READ MORE

VE DAY 65 - 8TH MAY 2010

"There is a sickness in our society, pensioners being treated like this, but that still celebrates the end of World War Two. It is hypocrisy" wrote a Royal Navy veteran about the 60th anniversary of VE day, now 5 years of have passed and in that time many more of the WW2 generation have been mugged, beat up, burgled, raped and even murdered. View the silent scandal HERE


Dunkirk rearguard 70

'The overall impression any reader of the letters gets is that this generation feel unheard, unwanted and unimportant. This remarkable collection of their thoughts should give us pause for reflection.'



'Do we now have a country fit for heroes to live in? Were all the sacrifices worthwhile? Have successive governments let down the very people who fought to keep our country free? Put this book on your shopping list.'



'Personal memories of some amazing people who have lived through some of the most amazing yet heartbreaking times of our country. Nicholas Pringle has done a great job with this book. It is a terrific read!'


Shortly before the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War Two in September 1939, I was contacted by BBC Radio 4 to see if any veterans from the book were available to go into the studio to be interviewed. Three veterans attended, Alec Alexander of HMS Sheffield, George 'Jungle' Fagence a Burma veteran and ex Royal Navy Commando and George Hillman a veteran of Dunkirk and Monte Cassino. Alec and George Fagence have since passed away.  Listen HERE


"If you have an important point to make, dont try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time - a tremendous whack."


james bond

Who was one of the inspirations for the character James Bond??? Click HERE to find out.

E book format book is now available for the updated book on Amazon Kindle UK for £2.49 HERE and Amazon Kindle US for $3.88 HERE. Download now for immediate reading!

Veterans Voices

I recorded a few interviews with some of the veterans who contributed to the book. You can listen to them HERE



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